Monday, 31 August 2009

Quick. Easy. Fried Vermicelli

No time for defrosting seafood or meat? Need something quick, easy and tasty.

Just made this for lunch in 30 minutes flat.

Rice Vermicelli (enough for 2 persons)
2 tbsp Dried Shrimp
2 pcs Egg
1 pcs Red Chilli
1 pcs Yellow Onion, diced
1 cup Fresh Bean Sprouts
2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
2 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tsp Sesame Seed Oil
1/2tsp Sugar, to taste
1 stalk Scallions, chopped

1. Soften Rice Vermicelli with warm water for about 10 minutes;drain and set aside.
2. Soften Dried Shrimp in warm water. Drain and set aside. Reserve water for use.
3. Mince reconstituted Dried Shrimp and Red Chilli.
4. Using the water from the Dried Shrimp, mix Light Soy Sauce and Oyster Sauce. Set aside mixture.
5. Heat wok, then add oil.
6. Stir-fry Onions till aromatic.
7. Add minced Dried Shrimp/Chilli, then Eggs and add Sesame Seed Oil.
8. Add Rice Vermicelli and add mixture. Mix well, sprinkle sugar.
9. Add Fresh Bean Spourts and mix. (Adding this last retains the crunchiness of the bean sprouts giving added texture to the noodles).
10. Garnish with Scallions and some Pepper, to taste.
11. Serve

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  1. OMG! I love this dish! My grandmother used to make it all the time for me. I love dried shrimp but I forgot all about it until I just read your post. Thank you for letting me reminisce! Congrats on your blog!