Monday, 5 October 2009

Afternoon Cuppa?

Loyally keeping me company as I pound away at my computer keyboard is my freshly poured cuppa - cinnamon stick with coffee.

Suddenly, I found myself whipping out my old faithful camera and taking a couple of shots. It just looked so pretty today.

On its own, cinnamon gives a warm fragrant and sweet taste. With coffee, it gives a fulfilling, rich and extra warmth taste. Mmmmm...

I like using cinnamon sticks rather than ground cinnamon to ensure that the coffee texture does not become grainy. Also, be forewarned - do not leave your cinnamon stick to sit too long in your coffee as the taste can become overwhelming.

Coffee? My tiny home is presently stocked with only Nescafe Instant coffee and any cravings for a cup from freshly ground coffee beans means making a 10 minute dash to the nearest café.

More often than not, I can be found at a kopitiam (coffee shop) enjoying a cup of local coffee – stronger in taste with a hint of burnt aroma. Much cheaper too! Will take a shot of my favourite local coffee soon.


  1. I just came across your site.

    I love the photography.



  2. Thank You - am still a newbie and looking to invest in a decent point and shoot camera. Current one is a 3.2megapixel - yes, its a dinosaur but really an ol' faithful *wink*

    Your photos are beautiful...

  3. Your photos are pretty good. My 3.2megapixel does not produce the same results. I also have a faithful cuppa, but I cannot do it justice.