Friday, 2 October 2009

Red Bean Dessert

Sweet Red Bean Soup is one of the more simple desserts that one can make at home. Besides serving it hot, it can also be served cold.

When we were young, mom would freeze the red bean soup into ice pops for a healthy choice rather than us gobbling down ice-cream all the time.

Somehow, I enjoy it served hot and savouring over it at my balcony. The look and feel is absolutely different - when the soup catches the sunlight and reflects the reddish tone of the red bean colour, it looks so much more appetizing. Otherwise, it normally looks bland and very much a brownish blop!


200g Red Beans, soaked overnight
1.5L Water
6-9 pcs Screwpine Leaves, tied in a knot
3-4 pcs Dried Honey Dates
14-20pcs Lotus Seeds, pitted
Sugar, to taste

1. Bring Water to boil.
2. Add Red Beans, Honey Dates and Srewpine Leaves
3. Bring to boil and allow to simmer for about 45 minutes
4. Add Lotus Seeds and simmer for another 15-30 minutes, depending on how mushy you would like the Red Beans
5. Add Sugar to taste.
6. For those who love Coconut Milk, do add a dash and this simple dessert becomes a luxurious mouthful.

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  1. Hmm, a lovely dessert which I like to enjoy it hot as well.