Monday, 9 November 2009

Bunga Kantan / Torch Ginger Flower

The pinkish bud of the Torch Ginger Flower is traditionally used in local nyonya cooking to add fragrance and aroma to the food. You'll find this essential ingredient in local salads, chilli paste/spices and spicy sour based food such as Penang/Assam Laksa or Tamarind/Assam Fish.

The bud is normally thinly sliced and added as garnish and gives a whopping zest to the dish.

When in full bloom, it is a sight to behold and is popular with the flower trade as it makes attractive flower displays.

Food for the soul and a feast for the eyes...


  1. Wow! How beautiful! I love ginger in all forms. So is all ginger edible?

  2. Hi Danazia, I love ginger too. Not to sure if all varieties are edible though..