Sunday, 6 December 2009

No Frills Stir-Fried Udon

Today was one of those days when I wanted a stir-fried meal but my hands wanted minimal chopping, slicing, mincing and the preparations required in a Chinese kitchen for a stir-fry.

Well, just gotta whip out a no-frills stir-fry!

Had one last piece of Back Bacon - my life savior! We normally stick to Back Bacon as it has less fat – trying to be a little healthier with sinful food!

The Back Bacon is the main flavouring agent of this dish. Don’t panic, your dish won’t be overwhelmed by the bacon taste as the tomato and fish sauce gives a milder taste and a little zing.

More Zing? Add Crispy Chili Flakes in Oil – this is found almost everywhere in Southeast Asia and in western countries, you’ll likely find it in Asian stores. It normally comes in a bottle and it looks horrifically spicy red but really, its not all that spicy.

If chili is not your thing, just leave it out but do add more Black Pepper.


200g Udon, fresh
1 pcs Back Bacon
1 tsp Shaoxing Wine
½ pcs Carrot
½ pcs Tomato
1 tsp Fish Sauce
1 tsp Crispy Chili Flakes , optional
Black Pepper, to taste
Chinese Parsley, garnish

1. Heat wok. Once hot, fry Bacon till oil from the bacon is released.
2. Add Shaoxing Wine.
3. Add Carrots. Stir a couple times.
4. Add Udon. Stir, ensuring that the noodles get nicely coated with oil from the Bacon.
5. Add Fish Sauce, Chili & Tomato. Stir.
6. Add Black Pepper. Stir.
7. Serve & garnish with Chinese Parsley.


  1. Definitely with chili for me. and bacon...yum...

  2. I was really hesitant but thought that I'll give this a try minus the chili. You are absolutely right, it tasted delicious! Thanks.

  3. Hi Sean, Glad you enjoyed it. Can't deny that the ingredients would make one really

  4. Looks simple and delicious. I'll probably add chili oil again for more kick to it :) Beautiful photo.