Saturday, 16 January 2010

Eggy French Toast

Often when bread is left standing over 3-4 days, it’ll end up being French Toast!

And more often than not, I’ll leave out the milk for a more eggy taste and to keep the toast from being too soggy.

Sounds a little too bland? Not at all, drizzle some caster sugar over the ready toast to give it a sparkling crystal look and you have a sweet satisfying taste.

Add a cup of coffee and…Wah Lah! Breakfast is ready.


3 pcs Egg
5-6 pcs Bread
Salt, a pinch
Caster Sugar

1. Break Eggs into bowl and beat together with Salt.
2. Heat pan. Add oil.
3. Dunk slices of Bread into Egg mixture. Ensure entire bread is covered with the mixture.
4. Place into pan. Cook till brown on both sides.
5. Serve sprinkled with Caster Sugar.


  1. I can have that anytime....simple and delicious. Especially good for breakfast.

  2. A dash of nutmeg also works well with the milk free version of french toast.

  3. Totally agreed with upper comments , they are best for light and healthy breakfast.