Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Leftovers: Black Pepper Pork Ribs with Fried Vermicelli

Had some leftover black pepper pork ribs from yesterday’s dinner and since am on my own today, one dish for lunch and dinner... the easy way!

Fried vermicelli and black pepper pork ribs – sounds good to the taste buds but just have to spend a little effort to separate the meat from the ribs.

As the meat is already well seasoned, I needed very few ingredients for seasoning and with the taste of it coated over the vermicelli...mmm...

Rice Vermicelli (enough for 2 persons)
Black Pepper Pork Ribs Meat
2 pcs Eggs
1 tbsp Shaoxing Cooking Wine
2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
4-6 tbsp Water
1 cup Fresh Bean Sprouts
½ pcs Red Pepper, sliced
Coriander/Chinese Parsley, garnishing

1. Soften Rice Vermicelli with warm water for about 10 minutes;drain and set aside.
2. Cut the meat from the Black Pepper Ribs.
3. Mix Light Soy Sauce and Water.
4. Heat wok, then add oil.
5. Add eggs. Scramble and set aside.
6. Reheat wok. Add Black Pepper Pork Rib meat. Stir fry till fragrant.
7. Add Shaoxing Cooking Wine.
8. Add Vermicelli.
9. Add Light Soy Sauce mixture.
10. Mix well.
11. Add Fresh Bean Sprouts and Red Pepper. (Adding this last retains the crunchiness of the bean sprouts giving added texture to the noodles).
12. Add the Scrambled Eggs and mix.
13. Garnish with Coriander and serve.


  1. A great way to use leftovers!

  2. Yum, such a great and easy way to have a quick tasty meal :) Your post on sweet potato leaves is making me a bit homesick!

  3. It's always dishes like this that makes my mouth water. It looks so good!!!

  4. That looks very much my type of food.....simple and delicious.

  5. What a great recipe for leftover!