Thursday, 25 March 2010

Steamed Meat and Lettuce Rolls

Feeling Dim Sum?

Had to improvise - would have preferred to use cabbage but only had a head of lettuce left!

Since its lab time, instead of mixing all the ingredients together and immediately wrapping it with the lettuce, I chose to lightly stir fry the ingredients first, including the minced pork but only ¼ cooked for easy wrapping.

Verdict : Tasted more fragrant!

1 head Iceberg Lettuce
250g Pork, minced
8 pcs Chinese Dried Mushroom, reconstituted & diced
1 pcs Carrot, diced
1 stalk, Parsley, minced
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1 tsp Corn Flour

1. Mix Oyster Sauce, Sesame Oil, Corn Flour & Pepper into minced Pork. Marinate for an hour.
2. Mix minced Parsley into the minced Pork.
3. Heat wok. Add oil. Once hot, add diced Mushroom. Stir fry.
4. Add Carrot. Stir fry.
5. Add minced Pork. Mix well. Ensure that it is only ¼ cooked. Remove and set aside.
6. Blanch Lettuce leaves in boiled water to soften. Remove and blanch in cold water. Remove.
7. Scoop some minced Pork mixture onto lettuce, fold the sides and roll to seal.
8. Place rolls on a plate and place into steamer for 10 minutes. Longer if your rolls are thicker.
9. Serve.


  1. Yes, I would definitely use napa cabbage cuz it's sweeter. Isn't it yummy. Must make!!!!

  2. I made similar previously, using seafood filling and napa cabbage! :D

  3. These vegetable wrapped parcels look very delicious. I made something quite similar some time back but my lettuce is not as green. Yours look more refreshing.