Thursday, 7 October 2010

Deep Fried Ikan Bilis (Dried Anchovies)

Ikan bilis as is known in Bahasa Malaysia is none other than dried anchovies.

It is found in most grocers and markets in Malaysia and Singapore in varying degrees of freshness.You must be wondering, "freshness" for dried anchovies? Oh yes, it makes a big difference in terms of texture, smell and taste.

When buying ikan bilis, ensure that the colour isn't dull and most importantly, it doesn't have a fishy smell!

Deep fried ikan bilis is versatile as it can be treated as a snack (seasoned with sugar when frying), as a condiment with porridge, rice or noodles and also in sambal (chili based) dishes.


Ikan Bilis, remove head and stomach
Sunflower/Cooking Oil

1. Ikan Bilis, quick rinse and dry.
2. Heat wok, add Oil, suffient to cover the Ikan Bilis.
3. Once oil is hot, add Ikan Bilis. Stir the Ikan Bilis over medium high heat.
4. Once Ikan Bilis starts to turn light golden brown, remove Ikan Bilis from wok and allow to drain on kitchen towel.
5. Once cooled, store in an airtight container.


  1. Also can pulse and make ikan bilis powder :)

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  2. Hi Quinn, prefer the old layout? I had problems on the new layout as it went into chaos on Internet Explorer 6.Then realised it only works on Internet Explorer 7 or higher :(
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  3. Hi! thanks for coming to my site :) I love anchovies too, i usually fry them with baking them in the oven, less oil that way i guess. You can try it next time, lovely blog here. :)