Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sambal Belacan

Today was one of those days that I was feeling a little more hardworking and spicy!

Multi-purpose Sambal Belacan Day!!

Sambal Belacan is a must in most Malaysian homes. The foundation of this comprises ground chilies and dried shrimp paste (a.k.a belacan). Other ingredients are optional according to usage.

Wash, clean, chop and grind....taste... hmm.. Where is that spicy kick?

So, off to the store for some bird’s eye chili (more affectionately known as Cili Padi in Bahasa Malaysia). Cleaned them and into the grinder...

Mix it with the rest of the mixture and Wow! Now it’s really spicy and hot… I need the fire brigade!!

Do make sure that you roast the belacan before mixing it with the ground chilies. Be Warned – roasting belacan leaves a pungent smell. For the uninitiated, when roasting, please open all your kitchen windows and doors (except the door to your dining/living area)!!

I use this particular version of sambal belacan in stir fries with vegetables like kangkung, asparagus, okra, fish, as a condiment and so forth. Yeah! It is my multi-purpose sambal belacan.

Coming soon, will be making Nyonya Sambal Belacan which is much more compact in taste and texture i.e. mom's recipe!

10 pcs Red Chilies, discard seeds and centre stem
10 pcs Bird’s Eye Chili (Cili Padi, add more/less according to how spicy you like it)
2 cloves Garlic, peeled
3 pcs Shallots, peeled
Belacan, roasted

1. Roast Belacan in a pan/wok till powdery and fragrant.
2. Grind Chilies, Garlic and Shallots.
3. Add Belacan to the ground mixture till required taste i.e. salty, spicy and fragrant.

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