Saturday, 4 August 2012

Australia (Part 2/2) : Melbourne

Melbourne's famous trams (own photo)

The mention of Melbourne and warm fuzzy feelings always overwhelm us. Warm people, delightful food and a perfect blend of culture and modernisation. A place that never seems too busy nor too quiet to sooth the soul.

Some of our favourite places includes....


South Melbourne - Centro Ristorante Italiano

Photo from Centro's website
Unpretentious and serves amazing Italian food that is welcoming and warm.

We started off with the Calamari Al Peperoncino, a signature dish of calamari cooked in virgin olive oil, chilli and garlic. Serving was sizeable but it tasted so good that we wished it was a neverending dish!

For the mains, M had the Gnocchi Al Forno, a house made potato gnocchi baked in red wine, porcini and napoli sauce with bocconcini and parmesan. Needless to say, this was creamy yet tasty and was more to my liking than M's.

I had the Capellini Alla Harold, this was inspired by a patron, Harold Mitchel, and is a angel hair pasta dish with scallops, diced prawns laden with lemon zest, virgin olive oil and a blast of chili. We loved this!

Feeling full yet greedy, we shared a dessert of crepes with ice cream and nearly licked everything off the dish!

We are surely coming back here again!

Albert Park - Andrew's Hamburger

We hopped onto the tram and took a short journey salivating at the thought of sinking our teeth into the best burger in town.

Ding! Off the tram and straight into ordering burgers that has been around since 1939. "2 of The Lot, please". The Lot encompasses egg, bacon, tomato, cheese and of course, the tasty succulent beef pattie.

There is no formal area for a sit down but there are chairs and are benches outside and across the street. M stood patiently in the shop as they cooked the burgers whilst I braved the chilly winds outside in hope of burning couple more calories. When M came through the door with the burgers, we both dashed across the street to an empty bench under the direct afternoon sunlight.

Photo from Andrew's Facebook page
Just the smell from the bag of burgers sent our stomachs into a rumble and within a couple of seconds, we had our teeth into the amazing, succulent, juicy and tasty burgers.

We have arrived. Yes, we have!

Carlton - Burnetti

Photo from Brunetti's website
Brunetti's is a place where we always felt like kids in a candy store. Our eyes would always be mesmerised as it feasted upon the beautifully displayed cakes on both sides of the entrance and the counter of desserts in the front.

Without fail, being spoilt for choice, we would spend a couple minutes glancing across the counter and also the seated tables to see what is the "in" dessert.

Finally, a piece of chocolate cake to share coupled with a hot chocolate and latte. Both beverages were creamy and aromatic and admittedly, over powered the chocolate cake. Still, I love you, Burnetti's!

Also, not forgetting some gifts for home - some pistacchio nougats!

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