Huan Ying! (Welcome! in Mandarin)
Selamat Datang! (in Bahasa Malaysia)

What's in the Chinese Kitchen...

Let me introduce, my Weaponry Chiefs:

- fiery Wok and Wok Ladle;
- sumptuous Claypots;
- sensual Steamers;
- no nonsense Frying Pans;
- ever faithful Rice Cooker;
- crazy Cleaver and its entourage of knives;
- pairs of Chopsticks (about 30cm long and these do not conduct heat)

Tactical Chiefs:

- slippery Cooking Oil;
- fragrant Sesame Oil;
- entensifying Shaoxing Cooking Wine (dry sherry, in substitute);
- delectable Light Soy Sauce;
- sunburnt Dark Soy Sauce;
- soulful Oyster Sauce;
- dusty Cornstarch;
- salacious Fish Sauce (a Thai import!)

Special Advisors :

- piquant Garlic;
- camouflage Ginger

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